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Monday, 14 July 2014

Total Body Weight Loss Workout & Weight Loss Motivation

We thought this workout looked good, as it can be done by both men and women at home with minimum equipment.  We would advise sitting down to watch the video first to familiarise yourself with the exercises and to get a feel for the difficulty level of the routine.  Remember, don't be put off if it appears too advanced for you, the beauty of these videos is that you can work at your own pace and advance to the level of the instructor.  No-one is expecting you to press play and immediately pick up on the pace and follow the routine, it's a step by step process, which you can conduct in the privacy of your own home. 

Try the routine and record your results in your visualisation book for 4 weeks, we would advise exercising just 3 times per week to begin with and build up as you become more comfortable with the program.  If this is your fist time exercising please seek medical advise before attempting any type of exercise program.  Have fun and enjoy it.  

This statement rings true every time we read it, 3 months is a short period of time and with some personal discipline and self motivation you can make a big difference to how you look and feel. Organise your self, set realistic mini goals, research the subject and make informed choices and there is nothing to stop you from changing your life. Involve family and friends to help keep you motivated and for personal support should you need it. Training or dieting is always easier if you have a partner or buddy to compete against and to help drive you towards your final goal.


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