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Thursday, 7 August 2014

How To Keep Motivated To Exercise

Keeping motivated to exercise effectively is an obstacle that many people fail to over come. 

 There are many different reasons for this, some are genuine problems (injury or illness) but the vast majority are excuses or the simple fact that the person just doesn't want to change their life style.

The first, and in my opinion the most important hurdle to face on your weight loss journey is, mind set.  If you don't change your mind set through the process of self analysis, then there is little hope of success. Everyone who hopes to lose weight, has some area in their life that they must change, in order to reach the goals they hope to achieve. This could involve any or several of the following factors:

Exercise - Diet - Alcohol - Sleep

Until the above factors are considered, and any problems addressed, and changes made there is no point in trying to lose weight over the "long term". The correct mind set requires a person to self analyse, identify the problem and change it! This is a black and white fact! Cutting down or reducing is simply not good enough if you are serious about mind set change!

The video below illustrates exactly the attitude and mind set that is required to succeed and change your life. Motivation can be found in many places, but it is all worthless unless you have the correct mind set, to listen, read or watch and then take that inspiration into the gym, and drive forward ignoring the pain. 

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