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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Total Motivation

This video is amazing, the strength involved is unreal. While most of us can't perform the exercises that are featured in the video, we can certainly admire the dedication and sacrifice that it takes to train your body to this level.

I would recommend watching the video a couple of times, remember the bits that stick out for you, and when you start training replay the clip in your head when you feel like giving up. The word can't does not exist when you start training, you can always push harder or go faster. If you can overcome the voice in your head telling you to stop, you can achieve anything. Don't give up, keep working hard and never lose focus....  

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  1. I have nothing but respect for the people featured in this video, the effort, strength and discipline required to reach this level of fitness is amazing. I dare anyone to watch this film and not feel motivated to exercise!