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Saturday, 8 November 2014

The Man Who Never Gave Up!

This short video is very moving and definitely shows what can be achieved with a strong positive mindset.

The body fat transformation is breath taking!

We don't know how long it took John to realise his dream, but that is not important as your weight loss journey is not a race. I can guarantee that a long the way he felt like giving up thousands of times, made excuses why he couldn't train or ate fatty food. But the evidence is undeniable, by training his mind to never give up and making a promise to himself he smashed his dream to pieces.

The future is definitely in your own hands, if you want to make the changes to your life that you dream about, then just do it. Stop making excuses, watch the video a thousand times and use John as your mentor and make it happen.

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  1. The amount of body fat this man lost is staggering, his mindset and strength of character is an example for anyone trying to lose weight.