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Friday, 19 December 2014

Extreme Weight Loss - "David and Rebecca" ( Season 3 / Episode 1)

The brother and sister in this video lost an amazing amount of body fat!

They obviously had professional help and no financial restrictions which makes the job easier, but they definitely dedicated themselves 100% and they both adopted positive mindsets. If you take away the professional help and the state of the art fitness equipment, would they have achieved what they did?

After watching the video, I would say YES they would, it may have taken a lot longer and perhaps they may not have lost as much weight as they did, but they would have still changed their lives dramatically.

Total dedication, discipline and a genuine will to succeed can't be disguised, and these two have that in bucket full's. Watch the video, use it as inspiration, listen to the help they received and program it into your weight loss journey.

The time for making excuses is over, we are close to starting a New Year, make 2015 a real year to remember, the year you changed your life style forever.

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