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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Keep Motivated To Lose Weight

Always remember it's your weight loss journey, you decide how long it takes and how far you want to go.

Anything is possible, the word CAN'T doesn't exist, remove it from your mindset and don't allow it to creep back in. It will dry over and over again to brake you down, you won't let it happen because you have made a decision to succeed and that is what will happen.

Of course you will feel like you CAN'T keep going, or you CAN'T train today.

But the answer is very SIMPLE YOU CAN & YOU WILL. Once you have created the correct mindset, one that will not accept defeat under any circumstance, then you CAN'T fail.

You must think of your weight loss journey as a life choice, not a 6 week diet or getting in shape for summer! 

You are making a conscious decision to be healthy, lose weight and get fit. This process will take time and will involve major changes to the way you presently live your life. Accept the change, set realistic short term goals and start today, not tomorrow or in the New Year. Today is the day...

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  1. Can't is such a small word but it can have such a major influence when the going gets tough. You must acknowledge this and be prepared for when it happens, you can push through it.