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Friday, 9 January 2015

Self Motivation - To Lose Weight & Exercise

Without effective weight loss motivation skills, diets and failure often become synonymous. 

The relationship between weight gain and fad diets creates a vicious cycle that can be incredibly disheartening.
However, with the appropriate weight loss motivation skills, you can turn your weight around - permanently! 

Develop A Realistic Perspective 

A powerful weight loss motivation skill involves developing a realistic perspective about your goals. Even if your high school reunion is around the corner, it is not feasible for you to drop two sizes in only two weeks. Medical experts suggest that a healthy pace of weight loss is two pounds per week. Remember, approximately 3500 calories create one pound of weight, and you either need to burn an extra 3500 calories or refrain from ingesting 3500 calories to lose one pound. Being realistic about your weight loss progress will help keep you on the right track. 

Remember Your Past 

One of the most important weight loss motivation skills is remembering your past, and deciding not to repeat it. Think about your past and your lifestyle habits that led you to this point. Chances are that the life you lived was unhealthy, causing you to gain weight. When you keep the past in perspective, you can avoid making the same mistakes. Instead, you judge your progress by how far you have come from your past lifestyle. 

Reward Your Accomplishments 

Weight loss is a journey, and you must reward yourself along the way. Even if your goal is to lose 50 pounds, you can reward yourself each time you lose five pounds. Your rewards should not be food related, but something else that you hold valuable. You can reward yourself with a massage or perhaps a new candle. Or you can simply enjoy a quiet afternoon gardening. When you reward your accomplishments, you give yourself further weight loss motivation to stay on the right track. 

Overcome Your Demons 

In many instances, there is a direct correlation with weight and emotional demons. Emotional eating is one of the most prevalent causes of weight gain. Overcoming your emotional demons is a critical weight loss motivation skill. Do you eat when you are stressed out from work? Do you reach for a cookie because your significant other hurt your feelings? When you can identify your emotional eating habits, you develop a weight loss motivation skill that will hopefully prompt you to go to the gym, instead of the refrigerator, to take out your frustration. 

 Focus On Yourself 

The most important weight loss motivation skill has to do with yourself! The most powerful way to lose weight is to achieve your goals for yourself, and no one else. Hoping to lose 15 pounds to impress your boyfriend or to reignite the flames with your wife is not sufficient weight loss motivation. Instead, the weight loss motivation should come from within, you should lose weight to live a healthier life and to feel great about yourself. 

Stay Positive 

Even those with adamant self-control veer from the course occasionally. An important weight loss motivation skill is to stay positive, even when you falter. If you are too harsh on yourself for eating an extra brownie, chances are that you will feel guilty, sabotaging your entire effort to live a healthier lifestyle. By forgiving yourself when you make mistakes and staying positive, you create a path to a healthier weight. 

By honing and strengthening your weight loss motivation skills, you can achieve your goals and enjoy a healthier lifestyle!

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