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Friday, 23 January 2015

Easy Meal Preparation

The key to having a healthy diet and actually sticking to it, is planning ahead. 

You need to have a plan of what foods you will eat, what workouts you will do, etc. By preparing your meals ahead of time, you get rid of all temptation to snack on food while cooking your actual meal, or just choosing the most convenient snack bar at hand. This way you have your meals ready at hand, all measured out and hunger will not dictate what goes into your body. Sometimes meal preparing can seem like an extremely daunting task. 

How are you supposed to cook all your food for 7 days, in one afternoon? It’s easy actually! 

Come up with a plan. Make a list!

Invest in GOOD tupperware.

Purchase a food scale. Portion is everything. We recommend the electronic scales because they are easy to zero out and you can just put the tupperware on top of it and measure.

Make an assembly line. Try to cook everything at once by using stove top and the oven to make your life easier and decrease prep time.

Eat with your eyes. I like to make veggie medleys with bright colours and variety so you are not stuck with the same boring lunches.

Make foods that will keep. Chicken breast and turkey meat are good for meal preps. If you cook seafood, make sure you eat it the first day or two or it will go bad!

Keep it simple. You don’t need to make lavish meals for meal preps. That’s what I leave dinner for. Just pop in your proteins with spices, veggies, and grains and it’ll leave you satisfying with much less prep time.

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