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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Swiss Ball For Beginers

 Swiss Ball's are Fantastic!

In this video you will be guided on how to use your Swiss ball correctly and how to get the maximum amount of benefit from it. Swiss balls to the beginner may seem like specialist pieces of equipment, only to be used under the strict supervision of a personal trainer. This is simply not true, not only are the balls very affordable but they are very easy to use and offer a surprising amount of exercises that can be conducted on them.

Swiss balls are easy to inflate (especially if you use a foot pump) and can be deflated for easy storage in a few minutes. The benefit of using a Swiss ball instead of repeating conventional exercises on the floor, is that because of the instability of the ball your whole core is engaged in each exercise. This obviously allows you to work more muscles through fewer exercises and increases your work rate with each repetition.

If you are unable to join a gym and are looking for a piece of equipment that offers maximum benefit for minimal cost, then a Swiss ball should be high on your shopping list.

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