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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

How To Remove Belly Fat - Nine Powerful Foods

Many people strive to lose weight. The only problem is that they simply do not know what foods to eat. Below are some common foods that will help you along with you weight loss.


Eat as much colour as possible with every meal.
All vegetables are excellent power foods, however you should try to eat as many different coloured vegetables with every meal. Colour code your meals so you don't become bored with the same vegetables with every meal. the key is to start slowly and introduce more colour into your meals over a period of time.

The beauty of vegetables is simple you can eat as many as you like as often as possible and there are literally hundreds to choose from!

2. Fish: Eating fish should only be done once or twice a week. Mackerel, tuna, sardines and salmon are loaded with omega-2 fatty acids that help keep your arteries clean.

 Herring grilled in the oven with a light sprinkling of herbs.
Try placing fish into your weekly menu on Tuesdays and Fridays allowing time for your body to digest the fatty acids from the fish. 

All types of fish are fantastic eaten hot or cold and take very little preparation time, mix them with plenty of green salad or a variety of coloured vegetables for an excellent evening meal. 

3. Fruit:

Try new and exotic fruits.
Most fruits have fibre, minerals, vitamins and cancer fighting agents. Test your taste buds by trying new fruits which are not normal to you, replace snacks and desserts with new and adventurous fruits.

Apples, bananas, oranges, berries and grapes are really good for improving your overall health, add natural yoghurt and mix different fruits together.

Try blending fruits together to create refreshing drinks which are excellent as post work out shakes.

4. Eggs:  Eggs are an excellent source of protein and choline.  Eggs are probably one of the more flexible foods available to us, you are limited only by your imagination and culinary skills. Eggs are not only a breakfast food, a two egg scrambled egg dish is a fantastic snack and using a microwave takes only 3 minutes to prepare.

Dig out your cookery books and open your eyes to the wonders of eggs, try to use Organic eggs if possible or at worst free range .

5. Beans: Pinto or kidney beans provides fibre, protein and important minerals. They also help control blood sugar.

6. Whole Grains: Pasta, rice, crackers, noodles and bread should only have whole grains. Before you buy, read labels to see if they are 100% whole grain or not. Whole grains provide a healthy source of fatty acids, fibre and protein.

7. Green Tea: Most people believe that green tea provides protection against cancer, arthritis, heart disease and many more diseases. Green tea has also be proved to help fat burning. Drinking two or three cups of tea a day would be ideal.

8. Nuts: 

A handful of nuts will help you get your fibre requirements as well as fighting cancer.

 Nuts also help with heart disease, diabetes and gallstones. Nuts are now being recommended for healthy weight loss.

Once again there are vast amounts of choice when dealing with nuts, keep away from salted varieties and try to only eat natural unprocessed nuts.  Mix a hand full of nuts with salads or with fruit to add texture to your snacks or desserts.  

9. Olives: Olives and olive oil have an excellent source of vitamin E and mono unsaturated fat than can lower cholesterol. Try eating a hand full a day.

Above are nine excellent foods that will help with losing weight and also help you eat more healthily. The next time you are out at the supermarket, keep an eye out for some of the foods mentioned, if you are having trouble sourcing more exotic food types try specialist shops or the internet. 

Start by eating a few of the foods and gradually work your way up. Soon you will have designed a weekly eating program that is not only beneficial to your health but when combined with regular exercise will help you lose weight.

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  1. This article although simple in its design enables people to use their common sense and not break the bank when try to eat healthy. I like the idea of getting as much colour as possible on the dinner plate when it talks about vegetables, this concept is something that could be used to help children eat more vegetables and become more adventurous with food in general.