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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

How To Get Motivated

The ladies in this video are extremely fit, but they weren't born that way! You only get to look this good by working hard, being totally dedicated and by making sacrifices. It's so easy to make excuses and talk about genetics, injury's, time pressure or the "real world", it's so much harder to say " I want to look like that and I'm going to make it happen".

If you want it, believe in your self, make the mind set change and go for it. There is no time pressure, it's not a race, it's a way of life!

Remember, you are not the first person to try to lose weight, you are not the heaviest person that has tried to lose weight and you are not the most unfit person! There is always someone who is in a more difficult position than you, stop looking for obstacles and living in the past, it's time to move forward!

The problem is quite simple: You either want to change your life style or you don't, there are no half measures. You got your self into the situation and the only person who can change it, is you.

Let's start today, now. Analyse your life style, be brutally honest and remove the people or objects that are holding you back and start your new life.

Of course there will be up's and downs, and yes it's going to hurt and be very difficult, but if it wasn't then it wouldn't be worth fighting for.

Your choice.........

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